North Springfield Kettle Bog


It all started many years ago...

The North Springfield Bog is a boreal kettle bog, an artifact of the last glacial age 10,000 years ago. Bogs lack drainage, and precipitation is the only source of water. Bog water is acidic and lacks oxygen. Sphagnum mosses are the dominant plants forming a thick layer of peat.

To allow close-up viewing of the many interesting bog plants, including some remarkably large pitcher plants, AMAS constructed a boardwalk through the bog. A walking trail leads to and around the bog with many views of both the bog as well as surrounding spruce and pine groves.


Find our more about this fascinating place:

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Floristic Survey of the Vascular Flora of the North Springfield Bog by Robert Lichvar

Study of the vegetation, pH, and hydrology of the bog by Corinna Photos

Driving Directions: From Springfield, VT, take Route 11 west to Riverside Middle School. Turn right onto Fairground Road. Drive approximately two miles to a small parking lot on the left side of the road just before the town garage. The short trail to the bog begins at the green sign showing a pitcher plant.